Get in touch if you wish to enquire about knitwear for a personal project, adverts, editorials or if you are a student looking for some knitting for your university projects.

Based in Nottingham, England

Yakshi has worked with various clients for projects on a freelance/commission basis including menswear and home interiors. If you require knits for a collection , photoshoot, editorial etc., please get in touch via email (or via contact us). She can design and create ranges of knitwear for your company including menswear, womenswear, children swear and homeware. We can also accommodate small production if you have designs that need to be transferred onto knitted garments. We can assure you good quality work and garments as per your deadline (we also have a quick turnaround time if your work is urgent). Please contact us on the form below to enquire about a project you would like our help with.


THE WEIR, August 2017 | Men's Fairisle Knitted Chunky Cardigan





Vodafone, December 2016 | Men's Fairisle Christmas Jumpers











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